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I found the Amazon Hacker of my painting

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I found the Amazon Hacker of my painting

Dear artist friends on FAA and around the world.

It is my pleasure to do my very first blog post here after years of enjoying the FAA membership. The reason is passionate in cause that I can't afford to ignore anymore. I am a realistic contemporary artist, maturing into abstraction because of her evolving spirituality. I wanted my realism fascination to be my defining force into my world of abstraction. And so, I find a profound link to where I am in my life right now and find it is a time of reality, yet striking up as surreal. Abstract emotions and a need for everything to make sense are finally bringing out my abstract themes, styles and colours more meaningfully that I am almost ready to make my big launch into full-on abstract paintings that finally feels like giving back.

Nuff said about my philosophies :o), let me take you to the burning issue that brought me here today in the first place. It is indeed a dark reality for we artists and felt as a force towards the better good I'll let know what I stumbled upon today. That I want to take on to address, with the help of you contemporary artists and original art lovers.
This is the painting I feature today:

This painting I have on FAA is one of my paintings I made of the current tallest building in the world - Burj Khalifa pointing as far into the clouds atop Dubai in a country called the United Arab Emirates where I am based in practising my art for about 18 years now. The past week I was shocked to see my painting put up on sale by someone else with his name and number so proudly broadcast. When I picked up the phone and heard a person with a Chinese accent on the other side of the phone, the name did not reflect the accent, saying he is the right person I am speaking to who can deliver my very painting signed with my name "Remy Francis" to me here in Dubai, I could not believe what I heard.

When I went on to say that I am the artist, that he is trying to sell my painting he has hacked, he began to wash off his hands stating he is only a delivery staff and the company Wbaby is in China. After I gave him a warning that this is considered serious if I report to the authorities here, I found he was quick to change the name to "Other" from "Wbaby" and till date he has kept my painting up there on Amazon. He has the fake goods store named "other" sitting there selling all these random items not focussed on art but toys and other thingamajigs.
This is their link with my painting still on amazon.

The link to the hacker is
An actual hacker sitting on a legitimate space with stolen items to sell!?

I made a formal report to amazon and just received a local contact number from amazon to report this.

I just found one more that encourages everyone to download free HD wallpaper of my painting:

This has been happening to millions of creators out there. For years I am grappling with this epidemic of a large group of people out there from various parts of the world who are out to copy our original work be it my animation, creative ideas, storyboards, concepts. It's a tug-of-war every single day that today I no more deal with new enquiries who do not come with reliable references. They contact with the idea to ask me to do work for free, not different from any hacker who wants to steal our work we have dearly spent hours, days, months or years to create. It starts from the grass roots this piracy issue. And what can we do to stop this is my concern with writing this post.

Dumb-founded! I wonder what do we do? how do we survive in the face of such atrocity? People make a living only from this!? It is no more on the sly but in plain sight. I for one, have for years been working for an alternative income stream because the way we artists are victimised is so dangerous. When creators, manufacturers and inventors are cornered to this extent when they are recognised yet with nobel prices and awards to recognise their talent. They need long-term measures taken to sustain within their careers.

This is an on-going debate not solved for years unless populations have a change of heart and empathise and call out all the wrong-doers hidden and out in the open.

Thank you all for taking your time to read and reflect with me. I would love to hear your ideas how to circumvent this. As am sure many have been hacked in volumes of their intellectual property and the menace is too huge.

Remy Francis